The Next Exciting Instalment- Frank Penny & The Last Black Stag

Power is not for the weak or faint-hearted. If Frank, Cas, Gabby and Anya want to find the next two guardians of the Simbrian and keep them safe, they need to journey across the dangerous borderlands and into the dark and shadowy world of Kzarlac, sworn enemy of Byeland. Ruled by the fearsome Etamin Dahke, Kzarlac is no place for four naïve teenagers. Keen wits and a large helping of luck are no guarantee they will succeed and return safely. Driven by their desire to protect the delicate peace that has existed since the time of Kester, their quest is about to take a deadly turn, and the exposure of an unconceivable secret may make Frank regret ever having started.

Welcome to the Frank Penny series – An Original Mystery Adventure Tale For Young Adults

Follow Frank Penny and his friends as their quest to save their homeland from the evil tyranny of Kzarlac starts to unravel. Can a group of rookie teenagers, who possess some unusual talents and abilities, stop their war-hungry neighbour from their goal of world domination? As the future of their country finds its way into their young hands, they are told that Excelsus never makes mistakes – the question is...will they?

The Byeland/Kzarlac Divide

Map of Byeland and surrounding territories

Rossia – a kingdom of peace and prosperity, hewn in two by a hack of the legal axe. Way back in time, many centuries ago, Rossia was ruled by a man called Albin. Before his time there was always a lot of in-fighting because there were no rules as to who would succeed the king. So, he decided it was time to have things written down so there would be no more problems when he passed on. He passed a simple law that stated the land should be passed to his eldest child when he died and these rules were to be followed for future generations. The kingdom eventually passed to a man called Kester, whose wife, Vega, gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl - Joleyon and Lashka. Twins were not covered in the original rules. He decided that when the time came, to be fair to his children, Rossia should be divided in two when he passed on. But who was he really putting in charge?

What Kester failed to recognise was, that while his son was the image of his father and his forbears; fair and reliable, his daughter was a different matter altogether; dark, sinister and a rather nasty piece of work and insanely jealous of her brother. Despite some quite robust protests from the elders, when Kester died the land was split down the middle. Half to be ruled by the son and half to be ruled by the rather terrifying daughter - and those lands became Byeland and Kzarlac. The Longshadow Mountains became the natural border, a divide as the two new rulers became sworn enemies.

From centuries of peace, harmony and prosperity, everything was suddenly thrown into chaos. Mayhem ensued, the border was closed and families were torn apart. Years have gone by and the two lands have had to live side by side, but Kzarlac, it seems, maintains unspoken designs on Byeland, Frank’s homeland. Some think Kzarlac’s brutal invasion and annexation of Prismia a few years ago was, perhaps, the prelude to its main prize. But they’ve never tried which, given Kzarlac’s history and reputation, is quite a mystery. Throughout the centuries something, unexplained and unknown until now, has stopped Kzarlac waging war – Frank Penny and the Mystery of Ludlow Hums will reveal all - but something is about to change as the dark clouds of invasion start to gather over the Longshadow mountains. Surely the impossible task of Frank and his friends stopping the inevitable are next to none....

Coming 28 October 2019 – Frank Penny and the Kzarlac Spy...